Automation Solutions: skill and experience

Our mission is to deliver intelligent, respectful, reliable, safe and accessible human-like conversational automation:

  • Intelligent: it is more than a mere draft convenient imitation 
  • Respectful: it is designed to serve both the customers and the customer care human operators 
  • Reliable: it works silently, relentlessly and effortlessly 
  • Safe: it steadily protects the data, and it carefully performs actions 
  • Accessible: it delivers clear benefits to any business 

Your Problems First

A recurring problem is the difficulty in managing telephone, chat, email or document traffic that arises from carrying out procedures, even complex ones, relating to the core business of a company. 

The causes of the problem can be: 

  • Large volumes, therefore long waiting times in queues and non-fulfilment 
  • Lack of available resources, both human and contact 
  • Time variability of the amount of incoming calls
  • Need to optimize the quality of work of human resources
  • Presence of repetitive patterns in contact management procedures
  • Complexity of procedure management, even multi-channel
  • Need to feed company information systems directly with data deriving from customer care management

Our Solution Next

Our solutions are centered on the following strongpoints: User Experience, Knowledge Management, Custom Business Logic, System Integration, Cutting Edge NLP, Human Operator blending, Human monitoring.

Our Conversational Artificial Intelligence Agents, leveraging Natural Language Processing and much more, can tackle the important Customer Care needs of the core business by:

  • Conversing with clients 
  • Collecting data and providing information 
  • Performing wide range of actions 
  • Answering to emails
  • Elaborating documents
  • Connecting to company IT systems 
  • Automating business processes
  • Analysing data and providing direct insights

Customers opinion:

“Immediate, intuitive, kind”, Utility Company

“Excellent, We couldn’t do it better”, Medical Center

“We can’t go back now, we don’t want to answer the switchboard anymore”, ICT Service for PAs

“Caren improved our internal organization and gave us a quality image”, Medical Center

“It has significantly improved the public image of the clinic, the negative reviews on social media due to lack of response disappeared”, Private polyclinic

“It allowed us to manage and overcome the Covid emergency by always guaranteeing availability to patients due to the pandemic priority”, Medical clinic

CareN is the flagship Conversational Artificial Intelligence GAP Automation solution for Customer Care 

  • At the forefront in Italy 
  • It is aimed at SMEs and large companies 
  • It is flexible, programmable and covers a wide range of tasks 
  • It complies with digital ethics and is designed to collaborate with human operators 
  • It provides a “human-like” experience to users
  • It is integrated with Large Language Model (LLM) solutions, for example GPT-n
  • It can be shaped with different behavioral and functional profiles

Sir.IA comes from CareN technology, specialized in some specific functions 

  • It is designed to have a quick start and give immediate answers to customer problems 
  • It has a convenient price/quality ratio and meets the economic needs of Micro and Small Enterprises as well as organized professional firms 
  • It has the distinction of being the first digitalization of Remote Secretarial services 

Communication Channels

  • Voice
  • Email
  • Documents 
  • Chats 
  • Whatsapp 
  • Web

Other Solutions 

As a strong corollary of our Conversational Automation solutions, we do offer also: 

  • Business Process Automation: 
    • Based on decades-long experience in automating processes for the BPO, we can offer a high level of digital transformation of business 
  • Data and Speech Analytics 
    • By exploiting data processing, classical business intelligence and machine learning we can provide insights from our client’s data 
    • Our specialization of delving into conversational data enables us into delivering of surprising outcomes