Technology: Vision and Skills

The technological scenario we envisioned and realized for GAP BPO is based on two main pillars:


We are strongly Data oriented in the terms of data engineering, data warehousing, data analytics and optimization


Our mission is to deliver intelligent, respectful, reliable and safe advanced automation based on Artificial Intelligence and modern techniques

Our Technology Journey

We have a strong background rooted in Data analytics, Data warehousing, Machine Learning, Information Systems development, crossing various Research&Development topics. All this headed us to design Conversational and Business Process Automation Solutions, achieving the following goals: 

  • An efficient and respectful Conversational and Business Process Automation 
  • A real “empowerment” of Customer Journey service
  • A solution accessible and usable by all businesses, including small and micro 
  • A tool for spreading the culture of Customer Care and improving the business of every company 

Experiences and Skills

Conversational Automation

  • Proprietary Conversational Automation Platform Design and Development 
  • Channel Integration and System Integration 
  • Natural Language Processing Solutions Design and Development 
  • Conversational Flow Design and Development 
  • Live Service Monitoring and Operations 

Data Analytics and Business Process Automation 

  • Data Engineering 
  • Data Warehousing and Decision Support System 
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics 
  • Speech and Voice Analysis 
  • Business Process Automation
  • Digital Transformation of Business Processes

Infrastructure & Software Development (for GAP BPO)

  • Helpdesk Support 
  • Networking 
  • Virtual Center Administration and Operations 
  • Web and Mobile Applications Design and Development 
  • Information Systems Engineering, Development and Operations 
  • System Integration 
  • BPO Services ICT Operations